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  • Signature Afternoon tea

    Japanese green tea is renowned around the world, and Kyushu varieties are among the finest. Explore them with light refreshments and irresistible desserts in this stylish café designed after a boutique jewelry shop. These premium green teas are the centerpiece of Afternoon Tea, where they accompany tiered trays of sweets and savories featuring local fruits and vegetables. Arita porcelain inspired by the Genkai seascape and specially commissioned for the Afternoon Tea service echoes the views.

  • DIVA

    At Diva Café, pick up some croissants—plain or baked with almond cream—or our popular baguettes flavored with spicy pollack roe for takeout. Also on offer are sweet pastries filled with matcha green tea, chocolate, and strawberry cream. These choices and more are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a snack on the go.


Gift for your loved ones
Gift for your loved ones

Don't miss Diva's showcase of jewel-like handmade chocolates featuring local Fukuoka ingredients, from coffee beans to figs, honey, and strawberries. A boxed assortment makes a wonderful gift.